CLEARWATER TECHNOLOGIES, INC is a Regional Water Consulting and Chemical Water Treatment firm located in Rockland, MA. We are made up of seasoned Water Treatment professionals who provide organizations such as yours management support in overseeing your water based systems. Our mission is to provide our clients with the latest in treatment technology with value added services and competitive pricing. We help our customers document realistic savings from extended equipment life, reduced water and chemical consumption, and automation.



Our company is specialized, yet diversified to meet many of your Water Treatment and Environmental issues and concerns. We strive in achieving the best possible program cost with comprehensive service. Our extensive service will help to maintain control of the water treatment program at your facility. We help your engineers manage the water treatment program and assist in areas of water treatment where they may not be familiar. We aim in achieving the least possible corrosion rates and the highest possible energy savings.


Building on our reputation of integrity and Water Treatment performance, we have developed and nurtured strong partnerships with national, regional and local manufacturers, colleges, hospitals and property management. Our experienced Water Treatment professionals are able to quickly and efficiently evaluate any water Treatment situation they may encounter.


Clearwater Technologies success can be attributed to our market knowledge and research technology. Our research team is committed to understanding the ever-changing dynamics and new technologies of the Water Treatment industry. This comprehensive scope of R&D technologies along with highly trained staff provides us a clear competitive advantage when providing Water Treatment services to our clients.


With our 10,000 foot production and warehouse facility and our extensive research capabilities, Clearwater Technologies is positioned to provide exceptional service. We understand how effective program management, and aggressive Water Treatment strategies will deliver value for our clients. Clearwater Technologies has the resources to provide solutions that exceed expectations. Uncompromising integrity and unparalleled performance are our cornerstones.



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