Are Consulting Services Right For You?

The main reason you need a consultant is to take control and understand what's occurring within your water treatment program. Most facilities don't have a qualified person to determine if the Water Treatment Company is performing the correct program or if your facility is obtaining what they pay for.

Clearwater Technologies can help you take control of your water treatment obligations. We offer a highly technical unbiased approach to your water treatment concerns.

In many facilities the replacement value of most HVAC Equipment and related Piping is estimated at roughly $ 28,000,000.00. This is not including down time or energy related costs. An increase in useful life of water related Physical Plant Equipment and associated piping would net the Owners roughly $ 1,600,000.00 for each year of extended life. Conversely, by improper treatment, the Owner loses $ 1,600,000.00 for each year of lost life. These values are just the cost of money at 8% for each year. It is for these reasons many firms have chosen Clearwater Technologies for independent monitoring of their water systems.



Water Analysis
Raw Water Demineralized Water
Make-up Water Storage Tank Water
Tower Water Dearated Water
Chilled Water Steam Boiler Water
Hot Water Condensate
Closed Loop Water Filtered Water
Process Water Waste Water
Softened Make-up Others

Water Treatment Bids

System Finger Print Analysis Technical Analysis
Water Treatment Bid Creation Financial Analysis
Water Treatment Bid Review Apples to Apples Format
Water Treatment Interviews Unbiased Approach



Monitoring Service - We are presently under contract to monitor system waters at many sites here in New England. This helps to insure compliance by the Treatment Company. We test the waters, analyze corrosion coupons, analyze pipe and other deposits, perform biological identifications, including Legionella studies, and inspect water borne equipment to insure adequate performance. This service represents the bulk of our business. We sell no equipment or chemicals unless asked specifically by our clients to specialty blend a product specifically for an application. We DO NOT charge on site sampling fees or other hidden charges. Our pricing is VERY competitive and WE REMAIN UNBIASED.

Bids - Our bid process involves conducting a system survey including water analyses. We help draft the bid specification for your company. We then ANALYZE the bid proposals, INTERVIEW the treatment companies, and work with you in achieving the BEST TECHNOLOGY, at the BEST PRICE, with the highest level of service.

Problem Solving - We are familiar with all chemical based and alternate forms of treatments (i.e. Ozone, filtration, etc.) and we work with your suppliers to insure optimum performance. We are experts in the field of water technology and are hired to solve complicated problems.

Inspection - CLEARWATER TECHNOLOGIES performs extensive inspection services for all our clients. Many problems begin small, which if gone unnoticed can evolve in to major problems if not detected by a trained eye. Many water treatment representatives are inexperienced in identifying potential problems. The following is a brief summary of inspection services CLEARWATER TECHNOLOGIES can provide:

Boiler Inspections Tower Inspections
Chiller Inspections Spool Piece Inspections
Ultrasonic Non Destructive Pipe Analysis Documentation Services
Photomicropscopy Services Deposit Analysis
New Equipment Inspections


To summarize, our service helps to re-enforce your control of the water treatment at your site. We help your engineers manage the water treatment program and assist in areas of water treatment where they may not be familiar. We strive to achieve the least possible corrosion rates and the highest possible energy savings by making the treatment suppliers accountable to you.


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