The Clearwater Technologies ELIM-A-SPILL drum-less containment system is a creative approach to elimination of drum handling, inventory, and drum disposal issues. The ELIM-A SPILL drum-less containment system allows your company to store water treatment compounds on site within specially designed tanks, which are within their own tank containment. Automatic feed equipment systems incorporated in the ELIM-A SPILL system provide a hands free complete automatic feed system.

The Clearwater Technologies ELIM-A-SPILL drum-less containment system, is manufactured using corrosive resistant tanks equipped with metering pumps. The tank within a tank design reduces the likelihood of chemical spills and drum handling injuries.

The Clearwater Technologies ELIM-A-SPILL chemical delivery and feed system is an advanced material handling system designed to provide reliable, economical and convenient drum-free deliveries of water treatment, waste water, and fuel conditioning products.



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