Your company can take advantage of the highly skilled and technical aspect of Clearwater Technologies, Consulting and Services, while assuring yourself your equipment is being treated with the industries latest specialty blended products and monitored by Industry leading Water Consultants.


Specialize in Trouble Shooting System Problems
Seasoned Veterans of the Consulting and Water Treatment Industry
State of The Art Specialty Compound Chemistry and Blending, These Products are specifically blended for your Raw Water Make-up Characteristics.
Free Raw Water Analysis and Plant Evaluation
Fully equipped Certified Lab Services
State of The Art Equipment
In House Water Treatment Seminars and Individual Training for your Staff
Monitor Corrosion Rates Closely and Fine Tune Your System Accordingly
More extensive analysis of your systems due to our Consulting Expertise
Full Service Capabilities


Our resources can solve most any water treatment problem. Our programs administer more extensive analysis then typically seen in the water treatment field. One example of our extensive analysis is our corrosion rate program. We monitor the corrosion rates and fine-tune your program as needed, preventing equipment failure, and productivity due to costly down time. This is due to our strong consulting and problem solving approach. Although Clearwater Technologies is competitive in pricing, we believe in doing the job RIGHT. Who better to have watch your systems than Consultants who know what to look for and are dedicated to solve your problems.


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